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LD3xiC Load Cell for Process Weighing
LD3xiC Load Cell for Process Weighing

LD3xiC Load Cell for Process Weighing


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Product Description :

The LD3xiC Load Cell for Process Weighing

The LD3xiC Load Cell:


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From bakery, pasta, confectionery and spice processing to resins, concrete/aggregate, sand, pulp, minerals and other dry-to-wet operating conditions, the full bridge foil gauge LD3xiCTM offers very specific advantages not available in most higher-priced load cells. Standards include a tough cage mounting fixture into which the 17-4 stainless steel LD3xiCTM load cell securely locks in place. This unique cage arrangement compensates for minor structural misalignment and offsets side loads due to positioning errors, thermal tank expansion, etc., while providing a high-strength structural support.

This stainless steel load cell has been designed to ease the installation of weighing and batching systems, in tanks, bins and in static or vibrating hoppers. Since the LD3xiCTM load cell can be installed before or after the tank is installed onto the cage fixture, there is more flexibility in mounting procedures. If ever the load cell needs to be replaced, it can be removed without having to remove the cage fixture itself. The LD3xiCTM is available in weight capacities from 11,000 to 22,000 lb and is easy to specify.


Features and Benefits of the LD3xiC Load Cell:

ORB Enabled; Remotely manage your inventory and stock levels from off-site locations via the internet.

Easy to Install and Access; Sensor mounted into rugged “cage” fixture hardware which never requires removal in the event of load cell changeovers.

Single Footprint and Cost; Easy to design in, regardless the capacity.

Load Self Alignment; Ensures high performance.

All Stainless Steel Sensor Design; Beneficial in washdown environments for corrosion free sensor

Self Checking and Overlift Protection Structure; No check rods needed.

High Functional Overload Capacity; Allows overloading vessel without damaging load cells.



The SVS 2000 Local Display:


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The SVS 2000 accepts input signals from half- or full-bridge strain gage load cells through a high resolution (up to 21-bit) analog-to-digital converter. Resolution and gain are adjustable for optimal system performance. Weight is displayed at the indicator and the data can be serially polled from a master device. Analog and digital outputs can be generated from the inputs to the SVS 2000 to provide auxiliary controls.

The SVS 2000 includes setpoint preact, digital interfaces and Kistler Morse’s SentryTM DSP filter which provides stable, accurate readings under a variety of mixing conditions or plant vibrations. SentryTM digitally separates the vessel weight changes from the vibrations and dynamic conditions often experienced on vessels with mixers. This provides stable and accurate weight readings. Its flexibility allows  you to optimize system performance so it won’t be fooled by sudden weight changes like other filter systems.

Using Quick Config, the SVS 2000 is easy to setup and calibrate without test weights or special load cells. Responses to simple Quick Config questions provides the SVS 2000 with the information needed to set up and calibrate the system for your application. Within minutes, the SVS 2000 provides usable weight information. Later, when convenient, a more accurate calibration is easily obtained by moving a known quantity of material.

The SVS 2000 provides easy system configuration and expansion to meet future requirements. Optional digital interfaces include A-B Remote I/O and DeviceNet®.

Features and Benefits:

Quick Config

Sentry DSP Filter

High Speed, High Resolution Weight Conversion

Alphanumeric Backlit LCD Display

Nema 4x Enclosure


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