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L-Cell Bolt on Weighing System
L-Cell Bolt on Weighing System

L-Cell Bolt on Weighing System


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Product Description :

The L-Cell Bolt on Weighing system.

The L-Cell Bolt on Gauge:

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Multiple models available, Contact Us so we can select the perfect model for you!

Developed from many years’ experiences with bolt-on strain gage technology, this uniquely designed, highly sensitive, thermally stable, dual axis bolt-on weight gauge is bolted directly to the vessel’s support structure, turning the support structure into a complete weighing system for skirted silo's or non-skirted silo's alike. The L-Cell bolt-on weight gauge measures changes in stress in the vessel support member and provides a change in voltage output in direct proportion to the weight of material. The bolt-on weight gauge's exclusive Standardized Axial Strain Sensitivity (SASS®) provides active temperature compensation over a wide temperature range. Seasonal and transient environmental effects are minimized as the L-Cell does not rely on typical passive resistor networks.

The L-Cell bolt-on strain gauge is quickly and easily installed while the vessel is still in productive use. For use on existing vessels, the L-Cell is a very cost-effective weighing system when compared to modifying or lifting vessels if using other types of weighing sensors.

In combination with your existing vessel’s H-beam support legs, shear beam cross supports, or support skirt, the versatility of the L-Cell can supply a cost effective, industrial strength weighing system. The L-Cell bolt-on strain gauge is also easy to install, easy to maintain, and highly reliable

Features and Benefits:

Simple Bolts On Technology

Simple Mounting Configuration

75 Years MTBF

Designed to not Read Errors Caused by Temperature

The Display:

Brochure Manual Output Interfaces
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Multiple models available, Contact Us so we can select the perfect model for you!

The SVS 2000 accepts input signals from half- or full-bridge strain gage load cells through a high resolution (up to 21-bit) analog-to-digital converter. Resolution and gain are adjustable for optimal system performance. Weight is displayed by the indicator and the data can be serially polled from a master device. Analog and digital outputs can be generated from the inputs to the SVS 2000 to provide auxiliary controls.

The SVS 2000 includes setpoint preact, digital interfaces and Kistler Morse’s SentryTM DSP filter which provides stable, accurate readings under a variety of mixing conditions or plant vibrations. SentryTM digitally separates the vessel weight changes from the vibrations and dynamic conditions often experienced on vessels with mixers. This provides stable and accurate weight readings. Its flexibility allows  you to optimize system performance so it won’t be fooled by sudden weight changes like other filter systems.

Using Quick Config, the SVS 2000 is easy to setup and calibrate without test weights or special load cells. Responses to simple Quick Config questions provides the SVS 2000 with the information needed to set up and calibrate the system for your application. Within minutes, the SVS 2000 provides usable weight information. Later, when convenient, a more accurate calibration is easily obtained by moving a known quantity of material.

The SVS 2000 provides easy system configuration and expansion to meet future requirements. Optional digital interfaces include A-B Remote I/O and DeviceNet®.

Features and Benefits:

Quick Config

Sentry DSP Filter

High-Speed, High-Resolution Weight Conversion

Alphanumeric Backlit LCD Display

Nema 4x Enclosure

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