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First Class Weighing Systems For Silo's, Bin's, and Hoppers. Semrad’s vast experience in designing level measurement and control systems allows us to easily create durable yet flexible silo weighing systems that can withstand Australian conditions. Semrad has committed to producing high-quality silo weighing systems for the Australian market utilising advanced weight gauges from Kistler Morse, a leading brand for silo weighing systems and silo weight gauges in the US. A Range of Technologies for Silo Weight Gauging As Australian distributors for Kistler Morse, Semrad has access to advanced load cells, strain gauges and pressure transducers for reliable and accurate weight measurement. Each weight gauge technology is more suited towards one application over another, such as strain gauges on suspended silos or load cells for large vessels. These weight gauges are then used in our weighing systems where they’re paired up with remote monitoring solutions, for applications such as silo monitoring, grain and feed storage, this allows you to view your inventory online and effectively manage delivery even when you’re not on site. Combining the KistlerMorse technology with our local knowledge and experience with level systems and numerous successful weighing system applications, we’re confident we can competently design and commission your custom weighing system.

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Semrad Pty Ltd is a leading Australian distributor of level switches and level transmitters, designed specifically for harsh industrial applications, including caustic and chemical solutions.

Semrad is dedicated to providing customers with the most cost effective and technically advanced solutions for the measurement and control of liquid and bulksolids level.
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