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Automatic Tank Gauging System
Automatic Tank Gauging System

Automatic Tank Gauging System


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Fuel is one of the biggest expenditures in any operation, and it is used in almost every operation around the globe, from powering emergency generators to fueling large earth moving equipment. Semrad has recognised the importance of fuel, and we have therefore made it our goal to offer an Automatic Tank Gauging System specially designed to measure the fuel in your fuel storage tanks. Our fuel monitoring system includes suitable level sensors, selected for each individual application. Our fuel level sensors come with IEC approval as well as Explosion proof housings to ensure longevity and low maintenance costs while installed in your fuel storage tanks. The level sensors though, are just one piece of the puzzle, we also have a local monitor cabinet, equipped with IEC approved, SunBrite displays to ensure easy visibility and readability even in harsh sunlight. This is where most other Automatic Tank Gauging Systems would stop, but Semrad has included one of the most useful features you could want in a Fuel Monitoring System, remote access. This remote access works using the GSM/GPRS signal at the display cabinet, and transmits the tank levels to a server where real-time data, including, usage rates, tank levels, estimated time until empty and archived history are all accessible from a secure intranet/internet connection.

Our Automatic Tank Gauging System and Fuel Monitoring Systems have already been deployed throughout various sites in Australia and we hope these sytems will only become increasingly popular as they become better celebrated due to the enormous benefits they bring, the fantastic quality, and awesome reliability.

Features of the Automatic Tank Gauging System:

Accurate sensors detect fuel levels in storage tanks

Up to 6 tanks may be monitored per unit

Fuel levels may be viewed locally or wirelessly transmitted to the intranet/internet, accessible through a secure web browser

Data can be imported to existing inventory managment programs such as Microsoft Excel or Access

Graphical representation of historical data

Benefits of an Automatic Tank Gauge:

Improved Delivery scheduling

Optimised fuel management

Eliminates the need for manual measurements

Accurate, real-time data can be accessed through secure logins

Plan refills more effectively

Avoid costly breakdowns caused by a lack of fuel

Semrad Remote Fuel Monitoring Software for our Automatic Tank Gauge Systems

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