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Semrad Fuel Monitoring Systems Semrad has been designing custom automatic tank gauges for large companies such as Caltex and PNG Power for some time now, right here in Australia. Our systems utilise our expertise in level instrumentation to select the most suitable tank level gauge available for your fuel management or tank farm monitoring systems. Extra Features of a Semrad Fuel Monitoring System At Semrad, we know every application and every site is different, which is why our custom tank farm monitoring systems are so successful! We tailor the design to your specific application and location, allowing us to design afuel management system that perfectly suits your application. We offer useful extras such as remote and online monitoring allowing you to accurately manage the fuel onsite from the internet. We also offer superior leak detection abilities to help save fuel, monitor theft and protect the environment from spills. Since each system is custom designed and built right here in Australia, you can rest assured of the quality local support. If you feel that your site requires Semrad automatic tank gauges or fuel management systems, feel free to drop us an email or give us a call.

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Semrad Pty Ltd is a leading Australian distributor of level switches and level transmitters, designed specifically for harsh industrial applications, including caustic and chemical solutions.

Semrad is dedicated to providing customers with the most cost effective and technically advanced solutions for the measurement and control of liquid and bulksolids level.
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