Wadeco Micro-Guard Security Sensor


Features and Benefits: Range Finder Type; A certain way to detect entry as the system measures the distance to the pyramidical reflector Bad Environment Proof; Microwaves will penetrate any dirt and layers of build-up on the antenna and reflector, furthermore they will not be affected by adverse environmental conditions such as rain, fog, snow, dust, steam and vapor. Easy Beam Alignment; Transmitting/receiving beam is conical-shaped making for easy beam alignment. No need to worry about beam slippage-caused malfunction. No Interference Between Sets; Multiple Micro-Guards can be placed in close proximity to each other) Great for Outdoors Cost Effective

Product Description

The type MWS-MG-1 Entry Alarm Sensor is a sensor using microwaves to prevent unauthorized entry from outside. Microwaves emitted from the sensor are reected by the reector and received by the sensor. If the beam is blocked by an intruder, an alarm signal will be output.

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