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The low-cost UniCONT PSW pump control unit is designed for fully automatic level control of small domestic or communal sewage shafts, sumps or wetwells. An IP68 protected ultrasonic level transmitter performs continuous level measurement and delivers 4–20 mA level data to the UniCONT PSW unit featuring a user programmable controller.

This controller featuring relay output incorporated in the UniCONT PSW directly controls the single phase pump acting in the sump, well, etc. The current controlled switch operates in differential level switch mode as default, the low and high levels are programmable. By the help of an optional programmable timer automatic pump cycling can be performed to prevent jamming of the pump in case of long idle periods. This function is useful in case of infrequent usage or low water consumption.

The optional NivoFLOAT NLP type float level switches may be used for additional dry-run or overfill protection if safety is a priority. The system can be turned on or off by a single-pole Miniature Circuit Breaker or a Motor Protection Switch.


Fully automatic pump control

Ultrasonic level measurement

0.3–3 m measurement range


Programmable pump cycling

Optional dry-run or overfill protection

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