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PLC to PC Digital Bus Interface
PLC to PC Digital Bus Interface

PLC to PC Digital Bus Interface


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KM provides a wide range of direct digital connectivity options for direct connection to PLC and PC digital interfaces. This digital connection is in addition to traditional methods of analog outputs and relays to exchange data for use by a control and monitoring system. Digital interfaces offer greater data resolution, simpler wiring, as well as more data than the traditional analog data exchange methods. The digital interfaces are available as on-board signal processor options for inprocess industries where speed and dedicated devices are essential. For bulk inventory systems, the built-in serial data exchange of KM signal processors provides local information displays and the ability to consolidate the digital data for lower installed costs.

All of the interfaces are KM designed and developed to provide optimal data exchange of operational and setup parameters rather than relying on third party interface add-on cards. This assures a better understanding of the bus interface requirements in which KM can help customers select the best interface for their data exchanges. Desired data arrives as requested without internal system delays or multiple data strings. Different data can be requested from the signal processor without having to reconfigure the signal processor in the field.


Features and Benefits of the PLC to PC Digital Bus Interface:

High Resolution; Avoids multiple conversion errors from analog to digital and back.

Simplified Installation; Documented interfaces. Multi-drop from same cable.

Flexibility; Use the appropriate interface and system grouping for optimal system performance and to minimize installed costs.

Easier System Validation; No need to check multiple current loop interfaces and scale factors. Digital data arrives in pre-assigned data registers exactly as calculated from the signal processor.


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