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ORB - Remote Inventory Management System
ORB - Remote Inventory Management System

ORB - Remote Inventory Management System


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As part of Semrads commitment to bring Bindicators entire product range to you and all of Australia, we are constantly receiving new and innovative products. The ORB Remote Inventory Management System is just one of those products, allowing users to monitor the on-site action from anywhere with an internet connection. As usual with all Bindicator products, they have been engineered and manufactured to exacting standards to help minimise the risk of faulty units.

The ORB™ Remote Inventory System transforms inventory and process data into management information that can increase productivity and reduce supply chain costs. By providing a reliable means of gathering and transmitting real-time inventory and process information via your LAN or the Internet, high volumes of data can be securely monitored, retrieved and organized by various users within the plant or remotely.

The ORB™ is a controller that connects to process instrumentation via serial and 4-20 dedicated interfaces. The ORB™ contains a database and integrated web server. It becomes a gateway between process instruments and the Internet. The ORB™ web pages can be accessed using any browser from any device that has Internet connectivity

If you believe your application could use a remote inventory management system such as the ORB, please feel free to contact us for a free quote. If you would like more information or a demo, please checkout the brochure, or click the demo link here; (Username and Password; Demo)

Remote Inventory Management

The ORB allows for access to inventory information and stored data from a remote location via the internet. Multiple sites with multiple vessels can be monitored and managed online and reports can be generated for inventory tracking and trend monitoring.

Supply Chain Management

The ORB supports vendor managed inventory programs, facilitating multi-site inventory strategies and just-in-time stock replenishment with internal departments and external suppliers to coordinate efficient movement of materials.

ERP Database

Real-time inventory data can be moved automatically into ERP systems.

Reduced Local Site Maintenance

Bindicator ORB allows you to troubleshoot and change settings on tanks remotely to reduce routine, manual inventory reporting.

ORB Technical Specifications;

Device Compatibility: Bindicator® Level Devices: GP-4 and Mark-4, Yo-Yo™, Sonotracker™ Ultrasonics, TDR-2000 Guided Wave Radar; Kistler-Morse® Weighing Systems: SVS 2000, Weigh II, STX+, MVS, Sono II; Ultra-wave™

Communication Ports: 1 Ethernet TCP/IP (RJ45), 1 Modem (RJ11) (Option), 3 RS-422/485/232C

Power Supply: 90 VAC - 254 VAC; 40 watts

Operating Temperature: -22° to 125°F (-30° to 52° C)

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