MultiCont Model PRW-22A-6Ex


Features: Programmer, indicator and controller for transmitters with HART protocol Highly informative Dot-Matrix display back light Tank visualisation Menu-based simple 6-key programming 1 to 15 input channels Transmitter diagnostic capabilities Explosion-proof models

Product Description

The MultiCONT unit is a universal interface between NIVELCO’s HART-capable intelligent level transmitters and the other elements of the process control system like the PC-s, PLC-s, displays and the actuators. Besides its role as an interface, the MultiCONT ensures the powering of the 2-wire transmitters likewise capable of realizing complex control tasks. The MultiCONT unit supports communication with a maximum of 15 standard or 4 Ex ia certified NIVELCO’s HART-capable 2- and/or 4-wire transmitters.