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WADECO MWS-CAS-2A/B Crane Crash Avoidance System
WADECO MWS-CAS-2A/B Crane Crash Avoidance System

WADECO MWS-CAS-2A/B Crane Crash Avoidance System


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The WADECO MWS-CAS-2A/B is a microwave sensor developed specifically for use on overhead cranes as a crash avoidance sensor. The crane crash avoidance sensors are installed face-to-face on adjacent overhead cranes running on the same rails. When one crane approaches the detection area of an adjacent crane, its sensor detects the microwaves transmitted by the sensor mounted on the opposite crane and an alarm is generated, thus the WADECO crane crash avoidance system is able to prevent collision. This design is extremely simple, yet effective in all adverse conditions such as rain, snow, heavy dust, smoke, vapour and even frost thanks to WADECO's expertise in microwave sensor technology.

Wadeco Crane Crash Avoidance System;

Crane Crash Avoidance System Features:

Simple Construction; Transmitter and receiver are combined in one compact and economoical unit (2 units per system).

Unaffected by adverse environments; Microwaves are generally unaffected by environmental conditions such as rain, wind, snow, frost, heavy dust, smoke or vapor.

High Penetration; Easily penetrates dirt and dust accumulation on the antenna, minimising maintenance

Three Dimensional Detection Area; The sensors conical beam pattern can be adjusted to allow for earlier/later detection

No set-to-set Interference; Up to 4 channels are available, allowing the use of multiple systems in close proximity to each other.

Power Level & Sensitivity Indicators; Display of the power level and sensitivity allows easy visual adjustment and maintenance of sensors.

Enclosure Rated at IP65 Equivalent; These units are rated to IP65, allowing them to function flawlessly in a harsh environment.

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