SIL2 High Speed Thermocouple Transmitter


Features and Benefits of the MTP300i-SIL SIL2 Thermocouple Transmitter:

Two wire temperature transmitter for most types of thermocouples. Two galvanic isolated thermocouple inputs with cold junction compensation. Signal pass-through time; ≤3ms without butterworth filter. ≤38ms with butterworth filter. Signal indicator with green LED. Simple assembly. Power supply via rail or terminal.  

SIL2 Thermocouple Transmitter Basic Specs*:

Power Supply: 28VDC. Operating Temperature: -10°C to 70°C. Process Connection: DIN Rail Mountable. Output: 4-20mA. Protection: IP20.

Product Description

Safety Integrity Level (or SIL) refers to a system introduced by the International Electro-technical Commission (IEC) to help operators quantify safety performance requirements of various instruments for hazardous applications. The high-speed thermocouple transmitter is SIL2 certified, making it suitable for hazardous applications requiring a SIL2 certified transmitter. The MTP300i-SIL-K SIL2 approved thermocouple transmitter accepts and converts various thermocouple types, to a galvanic isolated 4-20mA output. These transmitters can be installed in zone 1 or 2 with the “n” protection type (IEC/EN 60079-15).

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