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What are SIL-Certified Products?

SIL stands for Safety Integrity Level, and it refers to a system introduced by the International Electro-technical Commission (IEC) to assist operators to quantify safety performance requirements for hazardous applications. To receive SIL approval on certain products, those products must be rigorously tested for reliable performance and certified as suitable for use to a certain SIL rating (SIL 1, SIL 2, SIL 3, SIL 4). The higher the associated risk from a unit failure or malfunction, the higher SIL rating required.

Why SIL Approved Products?

Industrial processes are becoming more complex as we move towards highly automated systems, minimising human input and increasing dependence on electronic components. Therefore, industrial companies are responsible for reducing safety risks associated with increasingly complicated systems. S.I.L certified products are specifically designed for safety critical applications where failed or malfunctioning equipment could pose a potential risk. Semrad supports and promotes a range of S.I.L approved products for the Australian market.

If you are interested in finding out more about Semrad's range of SIL approved products, view our range below, or send us an email to discuss your application further.

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Muetec - SIL2 Rated Universal Transmitter

Muetec - SIL2 Rated Universal Transmitter

This SIL2 rated universal transmitter from Muetec features precision engineering for use in safety critical applications. The transmitter accepts various inputs and can produce galvanic isolated outputs suitable for safety circuits.
SIL2 High Speed Thermocouple Transmitter

SIL2 High Speed Thermocouple Transmitter

This high speed, SIL2 certified thermocouple transmitter is specifically designed to convert your thermocouple output to a more usable 4-20mA output, suitable for hazardous areas and safety critical applications.
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