TRIBO.prevent Dual Alarm System


Features of the TRIBO.prevent Dual Alarm System: Two adjustable alarms with individual Set Points (0-100%) Time delays of 0 to 60 dec or 10 min SPDT relay contact to operate an external device or controller. 0-100% bar graph to display the Analog signal. Rugged NEMA 4X Transparent enclosure Designed for use with Auburn’s TRIBO.guard 4002 Dust Monitor., but is effective with any 4-20mA signal

Product Description

TRIBO.prevent Dual Alarm System provides two independent relays for setting early warning and high level alarms. The unit is designed to accept both loop powered or self powered 4-20 mA input signals and displays the signal on a 10-segment LED bar graph. TRIBO.prevent can be used with the TRIBO.dsp U3400 Dust Sensor and TRIBO.guard 4002 Dust Monitor.

The Prevent two level alarm system gives plant operators an the advantage of in maintaining dust collection systems by producing both an Early Warning Alarm and a High Emission Alarm from the same analog (4-20mA) signal. This allows an operator time to react and correct filter problems before a shutdown situation or visible emission occurs. The 4-20mA signal is displayed on a bright 0-100% bar graph while adjustable alarms activate bright LED alarm indicators and relay contacts.

All Dust Collectors allow a small amount of dust to pass through to the atmosphere. Auburn’s Triboelectric products have an adjustable sensitivity, allowing you to resolve the normal baseline emissions on the 0-100% scale. When the dust collector leaks more dust than normal, the Prevent Early Warning Alarm is activated, indicating that a tear has begun in a single filter or bag; maintenance should be scheduled. The High Emission Alarm will be activated when the dust emission is at a level that requires immediate attention. Each alarm has an individually adjustable set point and time delay.

Production down time costs money and time. The Prevent Early Warning System gives the operator time to react to avoid unscheduled shutdown and process interruption.

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