TRIBO.dsp U3800 Particulate Sensor


Features and Benefits of TRIBO.dsp U3800 Particulate Sensor: Up to 6 channel configuration Touch screen display with numerical, bar chart, column chart and line chart display options User configurable channel descriptions; Engineering units Scaling Signal smoothing Alarm levels and delays SD card included, save up to 50 years of data (1 minute average) One SPDT relay output for user programmable alarm output scheme Optional OPC driver available for PLC configurations Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Industrial Ethernet (Ethernet/IP) communication protocol, easy integration to PLC, HMI/SCADA, plant automation systems Unified DC and AC, more stable, accurate and electrical noise resistant than AC signal only competitors Wide dynamic range for more process application capability Continuous automatic zero baseline tracking, no manual adjustment required Automatic probe fouling and signal span checking

Product Description

TRIBO.dsp U3800 Particulate Sensor is a multichannel particulate monitor using Auburn’s proprietary TRIBO.dsp, unified DC/AC core technology for emissions or flow applications. Each unit is capable of connecting up to six remote probes. The U3800 particulate sensor has an intuitive industrial grade touch screen, displaying user selectable views, such as line chart; numerical; or bar chart views.

The U3800 particulate sensor can be used as a complete stand-alone system or integrated into existing plant data management systems using the digital communication protocol (Modbus TCP, Ethernet/IP). For a comprehensive bag leak detection system, multiple U3800 particulate sensors can be managed by software.

About TRIBO.dsp Particulate Sensor Technology;

The TRIBO.dsp U3000 series includes an advanced operating platform, which incorporates more than a quarter century of Auburn’s electrostatic particulate measurement experience. The TRIBO.dsp series unifies DC impaction (triboelectric) and AC (induction) flow signals for superior accuracy, reliability, and repeatability. This proprietary platform has proven to be more stable and accurate than AC-only, induction, and electrodynamic detectors.

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