Particulate & Dust Monitoring

Dust and Particulate Emissions Monitoring
Broken bag detectors or filter monitors for dust, powders and bulk-solids flow in environmental and process control applications. By using a triboelectric signal (created from dust particles colliding with the probe), these instruments give significantly greater accuracy, reliability and repeatability for very affordable price. These instruments are perfect for dust monitoring and control applications, such as broken bag detectors, flow switches and dust monitoring.
Bag House Leak Detection
The 700 series of dust monitors are ideally suited to bag leak detection in bag house filtration systems. These dust monitors are able to pinpoint the location of a leaking bag before the issue becomes too serious, potentially causing major downtime while repairs are conducted. This not only helps you with detecting dust and particulate filter leaks, but also helps you to stay within EPA regulations. Please feel free to read some of our case studies to see how much these instruments have helped other applications.

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