Oil Water Interface and High Level Detection for Separators


Outputs: Two potential-free relay contacts, 250 V AC 5 A. LEDs for mains, alarm, probe cable break and probe cable short circuit indication. Internal buzzer and external alarm can be muted. Direction of alarm operation can be changed.   Probes: Two capacitance type Labko SET/…2 series probes, SET DM/3 or SET/S2   Enclosure: IP 65, 175 x 125 x 75 mm (WxHxD), material polycarbonate.   Cabling between control unit and probe: Screened instrument cable 3 x 0,5 mm2. Max. loop resistance 75 Ohm.   Approval: now with IEC approval II (1) G, [EEx ia] II C, VTT 04 ATEX 031X Price Ex GST.

Product Description

The SET-2000 Hi Level/Oil is equipped with two probes, one indicates the oil layer and the other indicates blockage detection. i.e. high level in case of sewer blockage or closure of the closing device.

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