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Arjay Engineering FluoroCheck II Portable Oil in Water Analyser
Arjay Engineering FluoroCheck II Portable Oil in Water Analyser

Arjay Engineering FluoroCheck II Portable Oil in Water Analyser

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Arjay Engineering FluoroCheck II Portable Oil in Water Sensor

The FluoroCheck II Portable Oil in Water Analyser from Arjay Engineering offers a fast and easy approach to measure the concentration (in ppm) of hydrocarbon oils in water. Filtered light energy targets the aromatic component of the water sample and measures the hydrocarbon fluorescence. Through an Arjay or site specific calibration, this aromatic tag is correlated to a total reading of the oil in water (measured in ppm).

Arjay Engineering offers three test modes in one instrument; letting you determine the most suitable approach for your testing needs. You can choose from the factory preset calibrations for immediate on-site use or do your own calibration specific to your site. You can even run routine solvent-free tests and easily switch to a solvent extraction when a more selective test is warranted. All tests use disposable cuvets to eliminate cross-contamination and cleaning issues during the hydrocarbon analysis.

Direct Water Testing

The hydrocarbon concentration of a water sample can be analysed directly in the instrument without solvents or sample preparation. This is ideal for general screening to identify the presence or absence of hydrocarbons in groundwater, wastewater, cooling water and oil/water separator effluents.

CT-1000 Solvent Free Streaming

A large sample volume is streamed through the FluoroCheck using the CT-1000 streaming accessory. The FluoroCheck records over 200 readings of the passing stream and averages these for a more representative and accurate reading. This mode of testing is good for oil/water separators, discharge, produced water, and effluents where oil may normally be present or where quantitative values are desirable.

Solvent Extraction

To optimize the accuracy of the readings or to correlate the FluoroCheck to a specific analytical method, solvent extracted samples can be used. An extraction with hexane, pentane, or other extractive fluid will qualify samples using EPA 1664 Rev A and ISO-9377-2 extraction techniques. A calibration is entered using your local laboratory’s results and methodology.

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