Signal Fire Wireless Tank Level Monitoring System


Advantages of the Signal Fire Wireless Tank Level Monitoring System:

The Magnetostrictive level measurement technology used in this level sensor is a common technology for many tank farms, so you know it’s reliable, repeatable and accurate (down to 0.003mm). Available with a single or dual float for simple level monitoring or interface monitoring. These transmitters include a temperature sensor to measure the temperature of the liquid being monitored. Intrinsically safe (certificate pending). Up to 800m range for wireless level measurement transmission. 5+ years battery life with a 1-minute check-in, or 10+ years battery with 5-minute check-in. Update rate, 5 seconds to 1 hour (user selectable).

Product Description

This new tank level monitor from Signal Fire uses existing tried and tested magnetostrictive level measuring technology, which provides reliability, and highly accurate measurement of a single liquid, or use two floats to get interface levels as well (such as water in a diesel tank while simultaneously getting the diesel level). This level monitor includes an integrated temperature sensor and wireless node, which will send the level and temperature measurement data back to the gateway and into your PLC, SCADA system or centralised display, eliminating the need to dig trenches and run expensive cables. The tank level monitoring system is powered by an internal lithium battery or optional C1D1 rated solar package so further eliminate the need to run power cables to each sensor.

Product PDFs: