OPW Fuel Tank Level Sensor - 7100V


Features of the 7100V Fuel Tank Sensor:

Highly accurate down to half a millimetre. All the probe electronics are integrated into the sensing tube, eliminating the bulky enclosure typically at the top of the fuel tank sensor. Simple installation using the threaded fitting on the end of the PVDF fuel sensor.

Product Description

OPW fuel management systems are well known and renowned for producing high-end, feature-rich tank gauging products for petroleum retailers, fleet managers, and fuel storage depots. Semrad now brings OPW’s advanced fuel tank level sensors to the Australian market.

The OPW fuel tank level sensor allows simple, accurate and reliable tank monitoring. Using the field-proven magnetostrictive technology in a flexible fuel sensor, you get accurate, repeatable results measuring all types of liquids in above-ground storage tanks (AST), including diesel, biodiesel, ethanol, petrol, and lubricants. The 7100V fuel sensor can monitor the product level and with the low-level water float, you can also monitor water levels in your fuel tanks.