Nivelco NivoCAP - Continuous Level Measurement Capacitance Probe


NivoCap Continuous Level Measurement Features:

2-wire capacitance probe for continuous level measurement. HART protocol. Rod or cable probes up to 20m. Fully or partly insulated probes. Secondary Lightning Protection. 32 point linearisation. High sensitivity. Aluminium or plastic housing. Explosion proof models available.  

Suitable Applications for the NivoCap Capacitance Probe:

Liquids, powders, granules with Er>1.5 relative dielectric constant. Chemicals with dense gas layers above the surface. Viscose or corrosive mediums. High pressure, high temperature or vacuum  

NivoCap Capacitance Sensor Specifications:

Power supply: 12-36 VDC Ambient temperature: – 25°C to +70°C Medium temperature: – 30°C to +200°C Pressure: max. 40 bar Output: 4-20 mA, HART Process connection: 1” or 11/2” or flanges Protection: IP67 ATEX approval: II 1 G EEx ia IIB T6

Product Description

The Nivelco NivoCap is a 2-wire capacitance level sensor that has been specifically designed for continuous level measurement of both conductive and non-conductive liquids. The capacitance sensor requires a probe and a reference probe (which can be the metal wall of the tank or installed separately) operate as the opposing plates of a capacitor. When a tank is filling, air is replaced by a medium with a greater dielectric constant, therefore the capacitance is changing in proportion to the change in level. The sophisticated electronics in the capacitance sensor measures the capacitance difference and converts it to an output signal, giving you continuous level measurement.

Product PDFs: