Bindicator Cap-Level IIA Capacitance Sensor


Features and Benefits of Cap-Level-IIA Capacitance Sensor: Two-wire transmitter (24 VDC) Senses practically any liquid Electronic options Rigid or flexible probes FM approved for hazardous areas Continuous 4-20mA; Standard Communication Output Dampening – Standard; Stabilizes readings where severe agitation is present Teflon®, PVC, 316 SS Probes and NPT or Flange Mounting; Options for a wide range of applications Continuous Process Management; Uninterrupted level measurement   All models intrinsically safe when used with approved barriers.

Product Description

Cap-Level® is an excellent choice for continuous level measurement. Cap-Level® uses the proven method of capacitance change to determine the level of product in the vessel. This translates into an accurate and dependable measurement device for your process. Simply stated, as the level of product in the vessel changes, the capacitance between the probe and the vessel wall also changes. The solid-state electronics of the Cap-Level® continually measures and compares this change to a very stable reference circuit, and provides accurate and dependable output signal (4-20 mA) proportional to the vessel contents.

The “industry standard” 4-20 mA output is provided with a selectable dampening function to stabilize readings where severe agitation is present. Simple zero and span adjustment make calibration easy. The probe configurations and materials offered allow you to custom fit Cap-Level® to your application.

Cap-Level II is a 4-wire transmitter with 120 or 240 VAC while the Cap-Level IIA is a 2-wire transmitter with 24VDC.

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