NivoFLIP Bypass Level Indicator


NivoFlip Bypass Level Indicator Features:

Clearly visible optical display.
Max. 5500mm measuring range.
± 10mm accuracy.
Max. 100 bar medium pressure.
PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) approval.
Optional magnetostrictive level transmitter.
Optional magnetic limit switches.


Common Magnetic Level Gauge Applications:

Oil industry.
Chemical industry.
Power industry.
Pressurized vessels.

NivoFlip Magnetic Level Indicator Specifications:

Center to center distance: 500-5500mm.
Process connection: DN15-DN50 or ANSI 1/2-2” flanges.
Process pressure: max. 100 bar.
Material of wetted parts: 1.4571 / 1.4404 stainless steel / Ti.
Process temperature: -40°C…+250°C.
Medium density: with stainless steel float: 0.8-1.25 kg/dm³ / with titan float: 0.5-0.9 kg/dm³.

Optional limit switches:

ATEX II (1) [Ex ia] IIC / IIB T4…T6 Ga certified level switch.
Optional level transmitter: NIVOTRACK MT-500 series magnetostrictive transmitters

Product Description

The NivoFLIP is a bypass level indicator that is ideally suited for vessels up to 3.5m, with high pressures that eliminate many other level sensing technologies. The welded bypass chamber that is the body of the indicator and the tank form one pressurized system. Mounted on suitable connection flanges located on the side of the tank the liquid level in the bypass tube and the tank is equal. A float in the bypass level indicator tube incorporating a polarized magnet tracks the level of the liquid. Bi-coloured magnetic flaps mounted on the tube composing a bar are serving as visual indicators by changing their colour as the float passes. The bottom section of the indicating bar represents the true level. The lower 100 mm of the bottom section of the indicating bar has different colouring providing for an optical error signal in case the liquid level drops below the lower connection point of the instrument.

The NivoFlip Magnetic Level Gauge can be equipped with optional limit switches or with our NivoTrack high precision magnetostrictive level transmitter if continuous level measurement is needed. The NivoFlip magnetic level gauge also has an optional magnetic limit switch that can be used for pump control etc, as seen below in the ‘how it works’ graphic. All optional units are operated via magnetic coupling, there is no direct contact with the measured medium.

Product PDFs: