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NivoFloat NL Float Ball Level Switch
NivoFloat NL Float Ball Level Switch

NivoFloat NL Float Ball Level Switch


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Multiple models available such as the NLP-110, please enquire via email or phone to discuss whether this model is suited to your application. Please note chemical compatibility must first be ensured.

The NIVOFLOAT NL-100 type float ball level switch is suitable for level switching of various clean liquids such as potable water, rain water and contaminated water with few solids. The double-chambered float is made of injection moulded tough polypropylene that ensures good water-proof protection. The contacting microswitch is incorporated in the float. The cable of the NIVOFLOAT NL-100 level switch is fed through the water-proof passage and the monolithic structure of the injection moulded plastic housing. The cable of the level switch is a flexible insulated copper cable with 3x 1 mm2 (AWG 17) cross-section and PVC or Neopren outer insulation. Different control tasks such as liquid level monitoring and pump control can be realized successfully with the Nivelco NivoFloat Float Ball Level Switch.

How it works; NivoFloat NL Float Ball Level Switch

The NIVOFLOAT float ball level switch featuring mercury free contact is suitable for level switching of potable water, rain water, or polluted liquids with low solid content. The double-chambered float and the sealing of the cable outlet provide hermetic sealing and water-proof operation. The float ball will float on top of the liquid due to its relatively low density. The level switch will switch when it reaches a 45 degree angle. The switching differential is adjustable by the positioning of the counterweight of the cable.

Features and Benefits of the NivoFloat NL Float Ball Level Switch:

Low cost polypropylene level switch

Hermetically moulded, double chamber

Mercury free operated micro switch

Adjustable Switch Differential

Low Specific weight of the float body

Applications Suited to the NivoFloat NL Float Ball Level Switch:

Level switching, suitable for applications ranging from potable water to sewage

Suitable for tanks and basins

Fail-safe operation for critical level indication and pump control

Often used in overfill protection

NivoFloat NL Float Switch Specifications:

Switch rating; 250V AC, 3A

Medium temperature; 0°C to 50°C

Cable length; up to 20m

Medium pressure; up to 2 bar

Ingress protection; IP68

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