NivoMAG Magnetic Float Switch MKA-210-0

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Product Description:

The NivoMAG MK-200 series of magnetic float level switches are used for point level detection and level control of liquids in all types of vessels. The principle behind this level measurement technology is quite simple and robust; a magnetic float switch (ie, the NivaMAG)is placed inside the tank, and as the level moves up or down the magnetic float switch also moves and can activate a micro-switch situated in the housing of the magnetic float switch but on the outside of the tank. For a clearer illustration, view the flash animation below that shows how the NivaMAG Magnetic Float Switch works.

The great variety of both the top and side mounted versions makes it easy to install the switch in any tank at any location. For the simplest level switching you can select models with fixed hysteresis, while for level control application we offer Nivomag switches with adjustable hysteresis. Models with rubber or silicon sleeves can be applied for contaminated liquids. You can fit the Nivomag switch with an MMK type tester, to check the switching function even when the liquid levels aren’t changing.



Magnetic coupling between the switch and the float

Operation w/o external power supply

Side or top mounted versions

Underwater housing

Fixed or variable hysteresis

Max. 250°C medium temperature

Explosion proof version




Overflow protection

Level controls

Supplementary fail safe switch if combined with other devices

Water tanks, feedwater tanks

Fuel tanks

Power plants

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