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IEC Approved Temperature Transmitter with HART
IEC Approved Temperature Transmitter with HART

IEC Approved Temperature Transmitter with HART

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Other models available, please contact us to find out what model suits your needs.

The ExSense T Series is a line of rugged temperature transmitters that includes models with HART communication capability. These models can be configured using a HART modem and a PC running the free HART software provided, or the range can be modified in the field using a handheld HART communicator. The other models can be configured using a USB modem and a PC running the free software provided. All models can be ordered with Pt100 RTD, J, K, T thermocouples.

The head mount models are offered as: hockey-puck only (PD301 & PD302) which can be mounted inside a DIN Form B connection head, pre-mounted in a connection head (PD303 & PD304), and pre-mounted in a connection head with temperature probe (PD305 & PD306). The PD302, PD304, and PD306 include HART communication capability. Standard enclosed models have an aluminum connection head with a ½" NPT conduit hole and ½" NPT process opening for a probe or adaptor fitting, and are available with safe area (NEMA 4X, IP66 rated), or dertified explosion-proof housings. Non-standard models with other conduit hole and process opening sizes, as well as an optional stainless steel housing are available


The ExSense packaging lends itself for duty in harsh environments. The good looking die-cast aluminum NEMA 4X housing affords serious protection from the elements, impact damage, corrosion, and electrical interference; it is also explosion-proof. It can be installed almost anywhere. The display models have very flexible installation options. The built-in mounting ears allow for wall, or pipe mounting, and include a rotatable meter. All ExSense systems can be also surface mounted via the thermowell.

PD306 HART Head Transmitter & Remote Display

In this application the transmitter is mounted in the explosion-proof connection head and is being powered by the PD6000 dual-scale meter. The HART communicator and HART modem are used during configuration or troubleshooting.

Quick Specs:

Temperature Transmitters

Universal Input: RTD, TC, Ohm & mV Inputs

Rugged General Purpose Models

330° Rotatable Backlit LCD

Display PV, Input Type, Eng Units & Bargraph

Galvanic Isolation Prevents Ground Loops

Wide Voltage Range: 10.5 to 45 VDC

Wide Operating Temperature Range

Protection Heads & Thermowells Available

Order Factory Configured, Ready to Install

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