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TX-6-ND Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor - Macurco Gas Detector
TX-6-ND Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor - Macurco Gas Detector

TX-6-ND Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor - Macurco Gas Detector

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Well known for their toxic gas detectors, Semrad brings another Macurco gas detector to the Australian market, the TX-6-ND, a low-voltage, dual relay Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor. The TX-6-ND nitrogen dioxide (NO2) sensor is an electronic gas detection system designed specifically to detect and measure the concentration of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and provide feedback and automatic exhaust fan control to reduce the concentration of Nitrogen Dioxide in parking garages, ambulance bays, warehouses and other commercial applications. The TX-6-ND is a low-level meter capable of detecting from 0-20ppm of Nitrogen Dioxide. The TX-6-ND is factory calibrated and 100% tested for proper operation, but can also be calibrated in the field.

The TX-6-ND provides Nitrogen Dioxide detection and automatic exhaust fan control for parking garages, loading docks, truck and bus depots, firehouses, ambulance bays, warehouses and maintenance facilities. Nitrogen dioxide or NO2 is a toxic chemical of concern in diesel exhaust. The higher average temperature of combustion of diesel engines generates more nitrogen oxides than gasoline engines.

Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor TX-6-ND Features:

Easy installation into a 4x4 electrical box.

User-selectable settings, selectable through two button interface.

5A SPDT relays for fans.

0.5A N.O. or N.C. relay for alarms.

4-20mA output.

LED display shows gas concentrations (0-20ppm NO2).

Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Sensors Applications:

Loading Docks.

Parking garages.

Maintenance facilities.

Ambulance bays.

Other commercial applications.

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