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Product Description:

The RD-6 is a low voltage, dual relay Refrigerant (REF) detector, controller and transducer. The RD-6 has selectable 4-20 mA output, buzzer and digital display options. It is an electronic gas detection system used to measure the concentration of refrigerant gas and provide feedback and automatic exhaust fan control to help reduce refrigerant gas concentrations in industrial refrigeration, cold storage, warehouses, hockey rinks or other commercial applications. The RD-6 is a low-level meter capable of detecting several refrigerants including R-22, R-134A, R-404A, R-407C and R-410A, and displaying from 0-1,000 ppm of refrigerant gas. The RD-6 refrigerant detector is factory calibrated and 100% tested for proper operation.

NOTE: Refrigerants are colourless and nearly odourless liquids or gases divided into two groups according to toxicity and flammability. Always review the refrigerant MSDS and safety classifications before use. Use only for monitoring the gases which the sensor and instrument are designed to monitor. Failure to do so may result in exposure to gases not detectable and cause sickness or death.


Refrigerant Monitor RD-6 Features:

Easy installation into a 4x4 electrical box.

Detection of refrigerant gases in the range of 0-1000ppm.

User-selectable settings, selectable through two button interface.

5A SPDT relays for fans, and 0.5A relay for alarms.

4-20mA output.

LED display shows gas concentrations.

End of life notification.

Field calibration kits.


Refrigerant Detectors Applications:

Industrial refrigeration.

Cold storage.


Hockey/Ice skating rinks.

Other industrial applications.

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