GS-1 Combustible Gas Sensor and Alarm


Features of the GS-1 Combustible Gas Sensor:

Simple intuitive design with a single, large button.

18 hour battery life for multiple, or long shifts.

A thick rubber case protects the multi-gas detector from falls up to 4m in height.

Water and dust resistant up to IP65.

Easy to read Red/Green status indicator.

95DB audible alarm.

Comfortable to wear due to 130g lightweight design.

Product Description

The GS-1 combustible gas sensor is a personal alarm device that workers can wear with them into the toughest environments to alert them to the presence of combustible gases detected by the sensor. The impact resistant rugged construction, IP65 compliance and ATEX certification ensure the GS-1 is up to the task no matter the work site, including industries such as oil and gas, steelworks, chemical plants waste and waterworks.

Featuring simple, single button control, and an easy to read backlit LCD display ensure easy operation, while the loud audio alarms and bright visual alarms ensure workers are alerted when hazardous levels of combustible gases are detected by the combustible gas sensor. Data and event logging are included as standard.


Gas Detection

Product PDFs: