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MF-3000 Bulk Solids Mass Flow Meter
MF-3000 Bulk Solids Mass Flow Meter

MF-3000 Bulk Solids Mass Flow Meter

Product Description :
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The MF-3000 solids flow meter uses advanced mirowave technology for non-contact flow measurement of bulk-solids in metallic pipes. The solids flow meter can provide accurate and reproducible measurements of powders, dusts, pellets and granules from a few kg/hr up to multiple t/hr using the non-contact microwave technology. This technology will allow you to replace large, cumbersome instruments that have traditionally measured flow rates such as impact weighers, with a small, non-contact microwave based instrument that is more reliable and less prone to wear!

The MF-3000 solids flow sensor is suitable for inline measurements for solids ranging in size from 1nm up to 2cm in both pneumatic conveying and free fall conditions. The flow meter generates a uniform microwave field inside the pipe, as solids flow through the pipe, the microwaves are reflected by the particles with altered amplitudes and frequencies, allowing the bulksolids flow rate to be calculated. Resting particles, such as desposits, will not change the amplitude or frequency and will therefore not influence the calculated flow rate.

Applications for Bulk-Solids Flow Meters

Coal Dust.

Wood Dust.

Plastic granules.

Cement Industry.

Animal feed industry.

Metal Production.

Animal Feed Industry.

Benefits of the MF-3000 Mass Flow Meter

Suitable for both pneumatic conveyors and free falling processes

For all solids with flow rates ranging from a few kg/hr up to multiple t/hr.

Flush fitting to the inside of the tube.

Fast and non-contact measurement.

Easy installation and simple set-up.

Galvanic separated DIN-Rail transmitter with RS-232 and RS485 interface.

Stainless steel model for low maintenance abrasion resistance.

Alarm contact for limit value monitoring.

For pipe sizes up to 2m.

Quick and easy calibration.

Adjustable sensitivity.

Optional: ATEX for Zone 20 and Zone 2.

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