Niagara Meters Turbine Flow Meter


Features and Benefits of Turbine Flow Meters:

Long lasting design. Reliable design with only one moving integral part to minimise maintenance. Register seal prevents fogging or condensation Easy to service due to modular construction As accurate as ± 1% of flow rate Repeatability ± 0.25% of rate No power required!

Product Description

How the Turbine Flow Meter works;

The Turbine Flow Meter (also known as an axial turbine), is often used in industry to measure the flow rates of natural gas or liquids such as petroleum. Turbine flow meters have the liquid flowing through the turbine, which then translates the mechanical action (or movement) of the turbine into an electronic signal that may be read by the user. Often these flow meters are desired since flow measuring element does not severely restrict the flow, allowing for higher flow rates and less pressure loss than some displacement type meters.


About Niagara Meters;

Niagara Meters has been widely used in the following industries since 1859: agriculture, food, beverage, tobacco, mining, oil & gas production, paper, petrochemical processing, plastics & rubber, pharmaceutical, and power generation. Niagara Meter’s products include Nutating Disc, Oscillating Piston and Turbine technologies for use in industrial flow measurement applications. With over 150 years of experience, Niagara Meters produce high quality and highly robust flowmeters based on a number of technologies that are suitable for large variety of industries and flow measurement applications.

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