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K600 Oval Gear Fuel and Diesel Flow Meter
K600 Oval Gear Fuel and Diesel Flow Meter

K600 Oval Gear Fuel and Diesel Flow Meter


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Multiple models available, please contact us to find the instrument best suited to your application.

How Oval Gear Flow Meters work in Fuel Flow Measurement;

This oval gear flow meter has been specifically designed to measure the flow rates of fuels such as petrol, jet fuel and diesel in a highly accurate and repeatable manner. This flow meter achieves this through the use of a positive displacement technology that uses two oblong (oval) gears that are configured to rotate at right angles to each other within a cavity of a known volume. These two oval gears have synchronised teeth so they never get jammed up. As the fuel or diesel flows through the flow meter, the gears rotate, the faster the flow the faster the rotation. Since the volume of each rotation is known, the rotation speed of the oval gears is directly proportional to the flow of the fuel or diesel.

How the Oval Gear Fuel and Diesel Flow Meter works

Features and Benefits of K600 Oval Gear Flow Meters in Fuel Flow Measurement;

Flow rate up to 150L/min

Repeatability; ± 0.2%

Accuracy; ± 0.5%

Loss of pressure <0.5 bar at maximum flow rate

5 digit display

Inlet Filter

Common Applications for Oval Gear Flow Meters:

Fuel transfer

Garage Equipment

Diesel Power Generators

Biodiesel and Diesels

Fuels and Jet Fuels


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