ForceMeter - Liquid and Gas Flow Meter


Features and Benefits of Forcemeter;

Quick Response Time; Displays the flow rate from zero to full in less than a second, or a damping value can be used to slow the response time. Rugged Design; No frictional moving parts. Withstands thermal shock. All welded flow sensor construction. Hermetically sealed. Operates in extreme temperature ranges, -195ºC to 260ºC. Not damaged by over range. Easy to maintain… No maintenance required! Ability to change flow ranges by changing targets. CE and FM Approval. Approved for Hazardous Locations.  

Common Applications for Forcemeter Liquid and Gas Flow Meter:

Flow measurement of gases; air, natural gas, argon, etc. Saturated and superheated steam. Corrosive liquids Jet fuel Hydraulic Oil Water

Product Description

How the Forcemeter – Liquid and Gas Flow Meter works;

Niagara Meters is able to measure flow of liquids, steam and gases. This is done through the use of strain gauge technology which has been typically used in weight gauging systems such as these. Niagara Meters began using this technology in flow measurement applications, which allows them to measure the force produced by the liquid or gas flow against the target in the flow stream. A transmitter converts the forced detected by the strain gauge to a 4-20mA output that is proportional to the flow rate.


About Niagara Meters;

Niagara Meters has been widely used in the following industries since 1859: agriculture, food, beverage, tobacco, mining, oil & gas production, paper, petrochemical processing, plastics & rubber, pharmaceutical, and power generation. Niagara Meter’s products include Nutating Disc, Oscillating Piston and Turbine technologies for use in industrial flow measurement applications. With over 150 years of experience, Niagara Meters produce high quality and highly robust flow meters based on a number of technologies that are suitable for large variety of industries and flow measurement applications.

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