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Flomec EB Batch Controller
Flomec EB Batch Controller

Flomec EB Batch Controller


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Product Description :
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The Flomec EB Batch Controller is a fully programmable high speed batch controller specifically designed to operate with common pulse producing flow meters such as positive displacement, turbine and magnetic flow meters such as our Magmeter. The Batch Controller displays batch value, batch progress and cumulative total in units programmed by the user. The batch controller also logs the total number of batches performed and total volume dispensed.

Control Outputs;

Two independent outputs can be programmed to provide stepped control at the start and/or end of each batch. DC powered models have two solid state control outputs, DIN models can be AC or DC powered and have two single pole double throw (SPDT) control 5A relays.

An Automatic Overrun Compensation feature corrects for any batch errors attributed to slow closing valves or flow rate variations.

Network Interlocks;

As many as 9 EB Batch Controllers may be networked together, typical applications are where one liquid is being dispensed to a number of outlets or a number of different liquids are being batched via one common flowmeter. EB Batch Controllers will also take an “inhibit start” signal from other control or plant equipment.


Simple PIN protected flow chart programming with English prompts guide you through the programming routine, greatly reducing the need to refer to the instruction manual.

Flomec Batch Controller Features;

Large 8 digit batch and cumulative total LCD.

Robust IP66/67 universal mount of DIN panel mount version.

Simple Programming.

PIN protected programming.

Scalable flow inputs.

Two stage control.

Automatic overrun compensation.

Missing pulse (no flow) alarm.

Maximum batch limiting.

Non-volatile memory.

Multiple batcher interlock function.

Remote Run, Stop, Batch Set, etc.

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