Flomec Chemical Flow Meter


Features & Benefits of the Chemical Flow Meter;

High accuracy and repeatability, direct reading flow meter. No requirement for flow conditioning (straight pipe runs). Measures high and low viscosity liquids. Quadrature pulse output options and bi-directional flow. integral 4-20mA output option. Optional NMI Pattern Approval (Australia).

Product Description

The Flomec medium capacity chemical flow meters provides precise volumetric flow measurement across a wide range of clean, water based products through to aggressive chemicals and is also suitable for most fuels, fuel oils and lubricating liquids. These high accuracy flow meters are often used in applications for batching, dosing or packaging various corrosive chemicals, or as a more cost effective alternative to complete 316 stainless steel flow meters for liquids such as diesel exhaust fluid (AdBlue).


Chemical Flow Meter Selection;

PPS flow meters are used for non-aromatic/non-halogenated chemicals, water based liquids, Diesel Exhaust Fluid and petroleum products including oils and grease, fuels and fuel oils.

PPS flow meters with standard ceramic rotor pins are suitable for applications where stainless steel is not suited or permitted.

Blind pulse meters are available with Reed Switch and Hall Effect outputs. Quadrature pulse and integral 4-20mA outputs are optional.


Integral Instruments;

Flomec chemical flow meter options include integral LCD totalisers, flow rate totalisers and batch controllers. These instruments provide monitoring & control outputs including 4-20mA, scaled pulse, alarms and batch control:
BT LCD 5 digit reset, 8 digit cumulative totaliser.
RT12 LCD 6 digit reset, cumulative totaliser and flow rate. Analogue and pulse outputs.
RT40 LCD 6 digit reset, cumulative totaliser and flow rate. Backlit display.
EB LCD 6 digit 2 stage batcher & cumulative totaliser.
(Instruments also available for remote mounting and with I.S. approvals).
Product PDFs: