A1 Petrochemical Flow Meter


Features and Benefits of the Petrochemical Flow Meter;

The A1 series flow meters provide a unique package that combines the turbine and LCD into a self-contained, compact and economical flow meter.
Accuracy of ±1.5% of the reading.
The local display computer features: 
2 totals (1 cumulative and 1 resettable).
factory calibration in litres (and gallons).
2 user calibrations and flow rates.
Output capabilities available to communicate with process control equipment.
Lightweight and compact design allows for simple installation.
Powered by long life lithium batteries.

Product Description

The A1 series of aluminium flow meters are ideally suited for use in industrial applications measuring flow rates of petrochemicals such as petrol, diesel and other petroleum based products. This series of flow meter has been carefully designed and constructed to provide a long lasting flow meter in a small, economical package including a local display and long-life lithium battery. These meters utilise a turbine technology, though models suited for low flow conditions utilise a paddle-wheel technology to ensure the smallest flow rates are quantified. The aluminium meter comes with an Ex certification, making it suitale for hazardous areas. If you need more information, please feel free to contact us.

Product PDFs: