01 Series Nylon Digital Flow Meter

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Product Description:

The 01 series digital flow meters are available in either aluminium or nylon designs for petrochemicals or water/mild chemicals, respectively. The flow meters use a turbine design to measure the rate of liquid flow through a straight pipe. The nylon flow meter is designed for use with lighter density fluids, such as those found in water treatment facilities. The aluminium flow meter is more suited to deal with fluids of varying pH and petrochemicals.


Features and Benefits of the Nylon Digital Flow Meter;

Simple, small and sturdy digital design makes this a tough and rugged flow meter.
Versatile mounting options allow this meter to be mounted on the end of a hose, pipe or in-line.
Fully featured meter with turbine assembly, micro-processor and LCD readout.
Choice of litre or gallon measurement readout.
Works well on any pump or gravity feed system with at least 3-30 GPM (10-100LPM) flow range.
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