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GPI G2 Industrial Flow Meter
GPI G2 Industrial Flow Meter

GPI G2 Industrial Flow Meter


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Multiple models available, please contact us to find out which model best suits your needs.

The G2-Series of industrial flow meters have been designed with a focus on durability, ensuring a robust, rugged and dependable flow meter for any industrial application. The G2-series of flow meter have a proven track record in the industrial market, commonly used to measure flow rates of water, acidic solutions, caustic, fuel products and other chemicals. The electronic display allows easy calibration and can display flow rates in litres per minute, as well as cumulative total, batch (reset) total. This display is powered by lithium batteries that are expected to last up to 5 years.

G2 Flow Meter Variations:

The G2-series flow meters come with various specifications and fittings, best suited for different applications. These other models include;

High pressure industrial flow meter.

Tri-Closer industrial flow meter for food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications.

Aluminium industrial flow meter for fuels.

PVDF industrial flow meter specifically designed for chemicals.

Features and Benefits of the G2 Industrial Flow Meters:

Stainiless steel construction to ensure maximum chemical compatibility.

Modular design allows for use with Output Modules, Sensors and Remote Transmitters.

2 Totals (Batch = Resettable, Cumulative = Non-resettable); Rate of Flow. Factory Calibrated in litres and gallons. Field calibratable. Allows user calibration. Includes non-voltaile totals.

High accuracy meter.

Internal parts are simple to replace for easy maintenance.

Lithium battery life: 5 years expected.

Accessories easily upgrade the flow meter.

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