Precision Digital PD8-6000 Explosion Proof Industrial Display


Precision Digital PD-6000 Process Display Features:

Ability to control and alternate pumps Configurable display units Optional SunBright process display models 3 configurable function keys Tried and tested durability Easy to use, setup and program Display different scales or units on two lines Three tier password protection Advanced linearisation capability On-board digital input Both Foam Control and Foam and Level Control Systems available Customisable rounding Show max/minimum values

Product Description

Precision Digital PD8-6000 Explosion Proof Industrial Display

The new ProVu PD8-6000 from Precision Digital is the explosion proof model of the Precision Digital PD-6000 process display! Aside from providing the usual process display capabilities, this unit also has additional pump control capabilities, allowing you to minimise the equipment used, cabling, maintenance and simplifying your sites electrical monitoring systems. Precision Digital has provided the market with a feature rich process display that has the reliability and toughness you’ve come to expect from Precision Digital explosion proof industrial displays.

The new pump control features of these industrial displays really make these units stand out from the crowd. In pump control applications where 2 or more similar pumps are used to control the level of a tank or well, it’s best to operate these pumps alternatively to avoid excessive deterioration of one pump due to relative overuse. These process displays allow you to control pump alternation with up to 8 connected pumps, minimising pump wear and tear as well as associated maintenance costs. There are multiple model variations as well, including the SunBright model, which is bright enough to be read even in direct Australian sun.