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Blocked Chute Detectors

How Does Blocked Chute Detection Work? Our WADECO blocked chute detectors operate by sending a microwave beam across the chute, when it becomes blocked for a predetermined length of time, these microwave switches will alarm, alerting staff of the blocked chute. The two most popular methods for blocked chute detection uses microwave sensors from WADECO. Microwave switch: the simplest blocked chute detector is a simple flow/no flow switch that alarms when the microwave switch is blocked for a predetermined period of time. Solids flow sensor: this microwave sensor is a more advanced flow switch that detects whether solids are flowing through the chute, and alarms when the solids flow ceases, detecting the blocked chute. For the ultimate in blocked chute detection, many of our customers combine these two WADECO microwave sensors for a fail-safe experience that minimises false alarms and still accurately detects all blocked chutes.

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