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ParticuLAB - Lab Spec Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
ParticuLAB - Lab Spec Near-Infrared Spectroscopy

ParticuLAB - Lab Spec Near-Infrared Spectroscopy


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The ParticuLAB is a state-of-the-art laboratory spectroscope that enables rapid moisture content analysis of solid and pasty products. The near-infrared technology introduces several unique benefits such as colour and distance variance independent, enabling fast analysis with accurate results. The advanced technology also eliminates the impacts of ageing lamps on results, culminating in no measurement drift and cancelling the requirement for constant recalibration. The lightweight and simple design make this NIR spectroscope extremely simple and robust, allowing just about anyone to use the instrument with accurate results.

Applications for NIR Spectroscopes

Food industry (meat processing, cheeses, tea, coffee etc).

Construction industry (measuring moisture levels in raw materials).

Scientific high accuracy applications.

Product assurance appilcations.

Benefits of the ParticuLAB Near Infrared Moisture Measurement

Unique NIR (near-infrared) technology eliminates variations caused by product colour, distance variations and drift from ageing lamps.

ParticuLAB is a lightweight laboratory instrument.

Simple software enables you to make your own calibrations.

The maintenance free designs makes this NIR sensor affordable and accessible.

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