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Dissolved Oxygen Analyser
Dissolved Oxygen Analyser

Dissolved Oxygen Analyser

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This AnaCONT LED liquid analytical transmitter is designed to measure dissolved oxygen values of liquids and aqueous solutions.

Dissolved oxygen (DO) measurement: The dissolved oxygen (DO) measurement gives the quantity of dissolved oxygen gas in the liquid, in ppm or mg/L values (ppm and mg/L are essentially the same unit and number will not vary when you change between units). The dissolved oxygen analyser has an oxygen-permeable membrane immersed in the liquid which provides an electronic signal proportional to the oxygen concentration. The dissolved oxygen analysers intelligent electronics calculates and transmits the dissolved oxygen value normalized to 25°C on the basis of the output current of the DO sensor and the potential of the temperature sensor immersed in the medium.


Features of the Dissolved Oxygen Analyser:

Compact and integrated versions

0-10ppm or 0-20ppm depending on model

Wide range of probes

Graphic display

4-20 mA, HART, relay output

DataLogger function

IP68 protection

Ex version

Wide range of accessories


Applications for Dissolved Oxygen Analysers:

Potable Water Production

controlling of dissolved oxygen level in wastewater plants

determination of biological condition in surface water


Large aquarium systems

Controlling of oxygen concentration in water plants


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