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Written by Martin Juleff   
Wednesday, 19 September 2018 18:48

Grain Silo Monitoring Solutions

by Semrad

Grains, like many products, have to be stored in conditions that specifically meet certain requirements to ensure the highest quality product. For instance, variables such as grain temperature can have a large impact on the quality of the product in the grain bin or grain silo by creating the perfect conditions for storage pests, such as the rust-red flour beetle, to breed and feed on the harvested grain crop. It is estimated that a quarter to a third of the world's grain crop is lost to various kinds of storage pests. Aside from losing valuable product to storage pests, the Australian Department of Agriculture actually requires all Australian grain is pest free for export.

Grain silo monitoring can help to combat these pests and the product loss associated with them. Using the rust-red flour beetle as an example, the beetle has a 4-week breeding cycle when the temperature is 30°C, or if the temperature is lowered, the breeding cycle slows right down to around 11 weeks. The rust-red flour beetle can be controlled by keeping the grain temperature below 20°C, where the breeding cycle is stopped completely, ensuring your grain is kept as safe as possible.

Semrad can help you monitor and control your grain silos and grain bins by monitoring the temperature of the grain using our multi-point temperature sensor. Multi-point temperature monitoring of grain silos can be linked to your active aeration cooling system, only powering on as required to minimise power usage while maximising results and keeping your grain silo in the ideal temperature range. View the graphic below to see how our multi-point temperature sensor works in grain silos.

Thermopoint Multi-Point Temperature Transmitter;

If you'd like more information about Semrad's multi-point temperature sensor for gain silo monitoring, checkout the product page here, or send through an email for more information such as pricing and configurations that suit your system.

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