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Nivelco Instrument Housing Colours and What They Mean for You! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Martin Juleff   
Monday, 29 February 2016 11:57

Changes to Nivelco's Instrument Housing Colours, and How They Affect You!

Nivelco's New Instrument Housing Colours.

Nivelco and Semrad are pleased to announce that throughout 2016, some Nivelco instruments will be receiving a slight cosmetic facelift in the form of a new, blue coloured instrument enclosure. In addition to the continuous technological product development and refinement that occurs at Nivelco, they have gotten together listened to the feedback from customers like you! The resulting change may be small, seemingly insignificant, but it goes a long way in improving the practical use of the instruments out in the field, something other manufacturers may not have thought about.

You may be thinking, big deal, they're changing the colour on some of their products, this won't impact me at all. To an extent, you're right, this cosmetic alteration will not affect the performance of the instrument, however, the new blue colours will be more recognisable than the standard sand colour, allowing you to more quickly and easily locate any instruments on-site.

The new coloured enclosure covers will help Nivelco Instruments stand out as unique in the instrumentation field, and shows Nivelco's attention to product detail, however this advancement will not be available right away, and will not be available to all Nivelco products. See the list below for models that will continue to be producted in the usual colours;

MAK-100 type optional, freely adjustable level switch mounted externally to the NivoFlip.

    NivoCont KSH-200 aluminium housing conductive multi-probe socket.

    NivoMag MK-200 magnetic coupling level switches.

    NivoPoint magnetic tracking multi-point level switch.

    ThermoCont TSP Pt100 temperature sensors.

    Any stainless steel instruments will continue to be offered in the traditional enclosure.

The new painting will be a significant aesthetic change for anyone used to Nivelco instruments, one that we here at Semrad, hope you appreciate.

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