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Foam Control and Monitoring


The Importance of Foam Control

Foaming of products often occurs within several stages of manufacturing and mining processes, such as the mixing of ingredients or an influx of soaps and detergents in your drainage/sewerage systems. Foaming in industrial processes can be a major cause of losses in productivity as the foam takes up volume in tanks and vessels that could be holding product, reducing the capacity of the system to produce your product.

Semrad Foam Control and Monitoring Systems

Semrad has been designing foam control systems for use on Australian navy vessels, food processing plants and waste treatment plants. Our range of foam sensors are highly accurate and reliable and have been successfully used in many critical foam measurement applications across the world. Our foam management systems utilise these foam sensors to measure the level of foam and inject suitable foam control agents into the process to stop excess foam.

If you feel your application could utilise a Semrad foam management system, please feel free to call or email us today!

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MultiSense - Foam and Liquid Sensor

MultiSense - Foam and Liquid Sensor

Semrad MultiSense uses an array of small sensors built into one body with each separate micro-sensor measuring the material (like foam or liquid) adjacent to it.
SureSense The Foam Control Probe

SureSense The Foam Control Probe

The Semrad Suresense foam control probe measures the level of foam in a vessel and, when paired with a suitable foam controller, dispenses a controlled amount of anti-foam agent to decrease foam and increase productivity.
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