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SepraLite - Light Based Level Switch
SepraLite - Light Based Level Switch

SepraLite - Light Based Level Switch

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Multiple models available, please contact us to find out what model suits your needs.


Sepra-Lite® operates by sensing the difference between liquid and air (or other gas) using an infrared light source and detector. When the sensor is wetted, the transmitted light is lost into the liquid. When dry, the transmitted light is reflected by the prism back to the photo detector. This approach does not rely on any electrical interaction with the liquid. It has no moving parts and provides two main advantages: a wide variety of applications and the ability to separate the electronics for safety and troubleshooting.

Separability of the electronics module and sensor body is a key advantage. Since the sensor body is a passive part of the system, there is no need to shut down a machine or process when troubleshooting the Sepra-Lite® assembly. To verify operation, simply remove the electronics module and look into the “window”. If it is dark, liquid is present; if it is light, sensor is dry. By comparing this with the unit’s output or LED indicator, operation is easily and safely verified. SepraLite® eliminates the need to open tanks or remove sensors to troubleshoot or repair.

When applying Sepra-Lite® , specific gravity, conductivity, vibration, and tight mounting constraints are not a problem. Dark, foggy, or colored liquids, such as: oils (light and heavy), glycols, detergents, heavy syrups, or caustics perform well. Sepra-Lite® is available in Brass and Teflon® (PFA). Two different mounting types provide a leak proof and/or highpressure seal. To make using it even easier, the small overall size and minimal insertion are perfect where “in-pipe” use or “tight quarters” are encountered.


Features of the Sepra-Lite Light Based Liquid Level Switch:

No external controller required

Synchronous refractive detection system

10.8 to 26.4 VDC operating voltage (30mA consumption)

NPN open collector output, includes selectable wet or dry sinking

100 mA output current (maximum) and adjustable sensitivity

Easy to see red LED alarm indicator

EMI, overcurrent and reverse polarity protected.

NEMA 4X (IP 66) electronics module.

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