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Levelite Electro Optic Level Switch
Levelite Electro Optic Level Switch

Levelite Electro Optic Level Switch

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Multiple models available, please contact us to find out what model suits your needs.


The Levelite Electro Optic Level Switch consists of two parts, the controller and the probe. This separates the electronics from the probe, making a safer, more durable optic liquid level switch.

The controller available comes in two flavours, a single channel controller (for simple, 'one-switch' applications), or a more versatile dual channel controller, perfect for slightly more complex applications such as high or low alarms or automatic pump up or pump down operations.


Specifications of the Levelite Electro Optic Level Switch Controller:

AC: 120 or 240V (50/60 Hz), 1.4 VA

DC: 12 or 24V (-25 to +15%), 1.8 W

Accepts electro optic probes or customer supplied float switches

10 A, SPDT relays (1/3 hp @ 120 VAC)

1-60 second time delay adjustment

High or low level failsafe adjustment

LED alarm status indicator

Polycarbonate enclosure


The probe for the Levelite Electro Optic Level Switch comes in several variations, suitable to specific applications. These simple probes use light based principles in detection of liquid level. These probes are self contained and send a beam of light which is then reflected within the sensor back to a receiver. If this beam is obstructed due to the level of liquid, an alarm will be triggered. Depending on your set-up, this could either activate a pump or set off an LED to signal the high or low levels.


Features of the Levelite Electro Optic Level Switch:

Compact sensors fit anywhere

PFA Teflon® probe for all high purity and corrosive liquids

Detects liquids regardless of conductivity, color or specific gravity

Eliminates pump cavitation when installed in advance of the pump

Automatic pump control and high or low alarms


The Levelite Electro Optic Level Switch is commonly used for:

Ultrapure water and water treatment

Semiconductor and Pharmaceutical manufacturing

Laboratory testing and chemical dispensing systems

Leak detection in electronic enclosures, dual containment piping, and diked areas

Beverages, chemicals, acids, caustics, water, epoxys, lubricants, glycols, vegetable oils, adhesives and solvents

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