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Leak Detection System
Leak Detection System

Leak Detection System

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OEL8000II Tank Gauging and Leak Detection System:

The OEL8000II is a comprehensive tank-gauging and leak-detection system that can simultaneously monitor product levels, water levels, temperatures and leaks in up to 8 tanks. With advanced technology and enhanced features, the OEL8000II is suitable for a variety of automatic tank gauging and leak-detection applications.


The OMNTEC OEL8000II automatic tank-gauging and leak-detection system is able to detect and record very small changes in product level in underground vessels. The advanced sensors record the level over a pre-defined period of time (ie; when no one is interacting with the tank and thereby changing it's level). If the average product level falls to low, the OMNTEC OEL8000II leak detection system will send out an alarm or other signal. Using the average over a period of time allows inconsistencies, such as vibrations causing ripples or heat expanding the container, to be discounted and eliminates unnecessary alarms occurring.


The OEL8000II leak detection system is able to measure the amount of water in the bottom of the tank, and can therefore accurately calculate the amount of actual product in the underground storage tank. This is can be critical when fuels such as diesel are being stored in the tank, and allows you to see when maintenance will have to be performed.


There are other accessories which can be added to this leak detection system for an overall superior product, such as a high level overfill sensor, pipe sump sensor, pump sump sensor and an interstitial sensor which uses LED's to detect the presence of product in the interstitial space surrounding your underground tank, and sending out an alarm or other signal when/if product is detected. This just adds that extra level of sophistication to the overall leak detection system.

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