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Foam Tendency Analyser - FTA100
Foam Tendency Analyser - FTA100

Foam Tendency Analyser - FTA100

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The FTA100 Foam Tendency Analyser is a unique foam controller instrument in that rather than reactively dosing the correct amount of anti-foaming agent, the FTA100 pre-emptively doses the anti-foaming agent by predicting the amount of foam that will occur in your process and taking action before any significant build-up occurs. The foam tendency analyser is most often used in applications where there is limited access (such as underground tanks and sewers), or little space for a traditional foam controller such as our SureSense foam control probe.

How the Foam Tendency Analyser works;

This predictive foam controller works by continuously sampling the process liquid and analysing the foaming tendency of the liquid in a small test chamber. Foam can then be generated inside this test chamber by modelling the process that would cause the foam. The created foam is then measured and an anti-foaming agent can be dosed at the correct amount to prevent foam in your process. 

The foam sensor technology in the FTA100 uses a unique IMA Sensing technology to sense and control foam reliably. This allows our foam sensors to continue operating even when there is a sticky build-up on the foam probe, guaranteeing reliable foam level measurement in your process.

Benefits of the Foam Tendency Analyser;

Predicts and treats foam before it occurs in your process.

Prevents foam in previously inaccessible areas such as underground sewers.

Low maintenance and reliable foam sensor.

Easily removable test chamber for when maintenance necessary.

Fully automatic operation.

Typical Applications for Foam Prediction;

Outflows from effluent plants, industrial car wash systems etc.

Public fountains and water feature to control pollution and vandalism.

Outflows from effluent plants into rivers, stream and coastlines.

Sewers and drains which are inaccessible for foam detection.

Spatially restricted process where traditional foam sensors will not fit.

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