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GPI QStar Ultrasonic Flow Meters
GPI QStar Ultrasonic Flow Meters

GPI QStar Ultrasonic Flow Meters

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Multiple models available, please contact us to find out which model best suits your needs.

The QStar Ultrasonic Flow Meter is a clamp-on flow meter utilises transit time technology, providing accurate and drift free flow measurement. These robust flow meters include a large, bakclit LCD so you can easily view current flow rates, batch (reset) total and cumulative totals, as well as simple configuration and settings. The QStar range includes integrated heat quantity measurement capabilities, and can measure flow rates in pipes ranging in size from 1/2" to 240", with no cuts of penetration required for installation! The QStar range of ultrasonic flow meters include a range of unique features such as online diagnostics, noise filters and a parameters calculator.

Setup of GPI Qstar Ultrasonic Flow Meter:

Typical QStar Ultrasonic Meter Applications:

The QStar Ultrasonic flow meter's are commonly used in the following industries and applications;

Power Plants: 

Cooling water.

Boiler feed water

Condensate and heat circuits.

Water and Waste Water Industry:

Influent, Effluent, Sludge.

Consumption and distribution measurements.

Chemical flows (small pipes, low flows).

Leak detection.

Treatment dosage control.

Facility Management:

Pump Control.

Optimisation of heating and air conditioning.

Optimisation of energay efficiency.

Chemical and Petrochemical Industry:

Basic materials, intermediate and final products.

Hydrocarbon liquids.

Measurement on high pressure systems.

Food and Beverage:

Consumption optimisation.

Pharmaceutical and Semiconductor Industry:

Non-invasive measurement of ultra pure fluids.

Features and Benefits of the QStar Ultrasonic Flow Meters:

Quick, simple and intuitive installation.

Large, backlit LCD screen.

Anti-noise deflector technology.

Automatic fluid control technology.

Proprietary parameters calculator:

Available via USB drive, Smart-phone web app and online.

Calculates flowrate accurately based on pipe size and velocity.

Includes Reynolds number calculation.

Heat resistant (up to 150°C), transducers included.

Integrated heat quantity measurement capabilities.

Online diagnostics.

Three sets of transducers cover 1/2" to 240" pipe sizes.

Cross correlation signal detection.

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